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The Karachi city's Road Traffic Injury Research and Prevention Center (RTIRPC), collects Road Traffic Crash (RTC) data on injuries and fatalities from three major public and private hospitals' emergency departments. In the year 2015, 1021 deaths were recorded; with 871 (85.3%) deaths in males. Cumulatively, 286 (28.0%) deaths were recorded in the 21-30year age group, and for 198 (19.4%) RTC fatal victims, the primary vehicle involved was motorbike. Highest number of fatalities were recorded in the month of January i.e. 153 (15.0%), while the lowest number was recorded for June, with 47 (4.6%) fatalities. RTIRPC is a unique surveillance system in Pakistan providing RTC morbidity and mortality burden and trends in the city that needs to be expanded in Karachi, and extended throughout the country to better choreograph preventive measures including health promotion campaigns.


JPMA. The Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association

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