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Dental-oral, Maxillo-facial Surgery


Removable complete dentures have been the most costeffective treatment option for edentulous jaws since decades. However, certain problems are encountered by the patients such as stability of the lower dentures resulting in poor masticatory efficiency. Ridge resorption and inadequate bony support are the long-term complications comprising the stability of the denture and patient finding it difficult to control denture movement during speaking and eating reducing patient compliance. Mandibular implant retained over dentures or hybrid dentures have shown to be better alternatives in terms of retention, stability and patient satisfaction. Two implants provide cost-effective, stabilized and comfortable treatment options. The present case report discusses the management of the patient with compromised dentition in which all teeth were extracted followed by conventional upper complete denture and lower two implant supported fixed hybrid dentures with splinted bar attachment

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The Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association

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