Comparison Of Pre-Operative Curvature With Postoperative Curvature In Root Canals Treated With K-3 Rotary Systems

Sana Ehsen Nagi, Aga Khan University
Farhan Raza Khan, Aga Khan University


Background: With root canal treatment, the organic debris and micro-organisms from pulp space is removed and an ideal canal preparation is achieved that is conducive of hermetic obturation. The purpose of this study was to correlate the pre-operative canal curvature with the postoperative curvature in human extracted teeth prepared with K-3 rotary systems.Methods: The root canal preparation was carried out on extracted human molars and premolars using K-3 endodontic rotary files. A pre and post-operative image of the teeth using digital radiograph were taken in order to compare pre and post-operative canal curvature. The images were saved in an images retrieval system (Gendex software, USA). Change in the canal curvature was measured using the software measuring tool (Vixwin software, USA). Student paired t-test and Pearson correlation test was applied at 0.05 level of significance.Results: There is a statistically significant difference between pre-operative and post-operative canal curvature (p-value <0.001) and a strong positive correlation (91% correlation) between pre-operative and post-operative canal curvature in teeth prepared with the K-3 rotary files.CONCLUSIONS: A significant difference between pre and post instrumentation curvature was found. Degree of canal curvature was not correlated with time taken for canal preparation.