Management of extensive external apical root resorption leading to root perforation

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Dental-oral, Maxillo-facial Surgery


Resorption is both a physiological and pathological process which results in loss of hard tissues of the tooth, i.e , cementum and dentine and the surrounding bone. External resorption is much more common than internal resorption and can occur when tooth is luxated or avulsed. If remained unchecked, resorption can eventually lead to loss of the tooth. Timely management of the affected tooth can slow down the resorptive lesion and increase the prognosis of the survival of the tooth. This case report describes the surgical management of extensive external root resorption leading to perforation of apical one-third of the root area which was managed through root canal along with periapical surgery and bone grafting. A 6-month follow-up showed arrest of the resorptive defect and progressive healing as evident on the cone-beam computed tomography.


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BMJ case reports.