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Dental-oral, Maxillo-facial Surgery


OBJECTIVE: In the last decade, a rapid growth has been observed in the number of dentists due to establishment of number of dental colleges in Karachi, Pakistan. There is an acute dearth of Pediatric Dentistry faculty in Pakistani dental institutions. Similarly, no post graduate Pediatric Dentistry fellowship program exists in the country. The objectives of this study are to map the pattern of pediatric dentistry services provided by the clinicians in teaching institutions and private practices of Karachi. METHODOLOGY: A cross sectional study conducted at dental departments of academic institutions and selected dental practices in different parts of Karachi. The sample comprised of 71 subjects in the teaching while 97 subjects in the non-teaching group. Stratified random sampling was carried out. Data were obtained using a structured, self administered questionnaire. Chi square test was used to asses, if pattern of services are different between dentists in the two groups. RESULTS: The response rate in teaching group was 94.67% (71 out of 75) while in the practitioners group it was 44.1% (97 out of 220). The groups were different regarding the use of topical fluoride, fissure sealants, and planning for primary teeth root canal treatment. CONCLUSIONS: There is a statistically significant difference in preferences, selection of dental materials and pattern of pediatric dentistry services provided by the teaching dentists as compared to the private dental practitioners. Both the teaching and non-teaching dentists need to update themselves in provision of Pediatric Dentistry services such as fluoride application and fissure sealant placement.

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Journal of Pakistan Dental Association