Correlation of index finger length to vertical dimensions of occlusion for edentulous patients and their satisfaction: A randomized controlled trial

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Dental-oral, Maxillo-facial Surgery


The prevalence of edentulism is pandemic and people resort to complete dentures for the restoration of missing teeth and esthetics. However, the determination of the correct occlusal vertical dimensions (OVD) constitutes to play an important role in overall patient satisfaction. The objective of this study was to apply anthropometric methods to correlate the length of index finger (2D) to measure the OVD from base of the nose to the base of the chin (Sn-Me) and to assess satisfaction by comparing both the methods. A total of 80 edentulous patients were randomized and controlled for this trial into experimental and control groups. A correlation was found between Sn-Me and finger measurements, dentures' satisfaction was assessed after a 1-week follow-up and marked according to the Visual Analog Scale. Our findings established that finger measurements are greater among males, and in both genders, positive, and statistically significant correlations exist between the facial and finger length measurements. Moreover, 97.0% patients from experimental group were satisfied with the use of complete dentures through the new anthropometric method. Hence measuring the length of index finger can be an adjunct method for the restoration of OVD and is a relatively time-effective and simple method with a satisfactory follow-up.


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Scientific Reports