Outcome of intentional replantation of endodontically treated teeth with periapical pathosis: A systematic review and meta-analysis

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Review Article


Dental-oral, Maxillo-facial Surgery


The purpose of the present review was to examine success, survival and failure following intentional replantation of endodontically treated teeth with existing periapical pathosis and to determine the factors that might affect the outcome of replantation. Clinical trials, longitudinal studies, case series with >10 cases and at least 1-year follow-up were included. The average rate of success following intentional replantation was 77.23%. Meta-analysis revealed the mean weighted survival to be 85.9% (95% CI: 79.6-91.2) Common complications include inflammatory root resorption (0%-27%) and ankylosis (0%-25%). Variables influencing successful outcome include extra alveolar dry time <15 min; root-end resection (2-3 mm) and cavity preparation (3 mm); manipulation of the tooth using the crown only; and use of an appropriate storage media. The review concludes that intentional replantation is a viable treatment option with acceptable survival rates for endodontically treated teeth with periapical pathosis.


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Australian endodontic journal