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Review Article


Dental-oral, Maxillo-facial Surgery


Restoration of aesthetics is one the major patients’ concern in dentistry which may be disrupted due to tooth-loss secondary to trauma, or as part of orthodontic treatment or periodontal problem. A number of treatment options are available for the replacement of teeth, but they may be expensive, and time-consuming, involving artificial teeth. For immediate tooth replacement, patient’s own intentionally extracted or unintentionally avulsed tooth maybe used. The current narrative review was planned to discuss various techniques for the use of natural tooth pontic, which preserves the original contours, size and colour of the replaced tooth. Before using these teeth in a prosthesis, they need to be thoroughly disinfected and stored in appropriate medium according to the global guidelines. This reversible option would boost patient’s confidence, preserve natural tooth anatomy and improve patient’s acceptance

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The Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association