Management of an adolescent with complete bilateral cleft lip and palate using fan-shaped expander and secondary alveolar bone graft: A case report

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Dental-oral, Maxillo-facial Surgery


Treatment approach for bilateral cleft lip and palate (BLCLP) patients varies according to their presenting age. This case report describes the successful orthodontic treatment in an adolescent with BLCLP who was classified in Grade 3 according to Bauru BLCLP yardstick. The patient was diagnosed with skeletal Class III malocclusion, severe crowding, anterior and bilateral posterior crossbites and bilateral maxillary anterior alveolar defects. A combined orthodontic and surgical approach comprising of fan-shaped expander, secondary alveolar bone graft followed by comprehensive orthodontic treatment was utilized. The treatment resulted in a greatly improved facial aesthetics and stomatognathic function, which contributed to psychological well being of the patient.


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International Orthodontics