Full mouth functional and aesthetic rehabilitation of a patient affected with hypoplastic type of amelogenesis imperfecta

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Dental-oral, Maxillo-facial Surgery


The management of Amelogenesis imperfecta often poses a challenge for the dentists. It not only includes aesthetic and functional rehabilitation of the patient, but also requires a positive rapport building with the patient due to psychosocial issues. The treatment plan is driven by patient demands, age, cost-affordability, severity of the disease and the presenting condition. The present case report elucidates step by step management of a 20 year-old female who presented with generalized hypersensitivity, intermittent pain associated with multiple decayed posterior teeth, poor dental aesthetics and anterior deep bite. The management consisted of endodontic treatments in all teeth, crown lengthening to gain ferrule in some teeth, provision of provisional bridges at an increased vertical dimension for six weeks followed by full mouth all ceramic crowns on all teeth. The prosthetic management aimed at reorganized occlusal scheme. There was a significant improvement in the aesthetics, deep bite, and along with correction of the vertical dimension of occlusion.

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Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dentistry