Autologous vein graft repair of mycotic innominate artery aneurysm: A case report

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Case Report


Cardiothoracic Surgery; Vascular Surgery


Introduction: Innominate artery aneurysm (IAA) is an extremely rare fatal condition with an overall prevalence of less than 3 % of all supra-aortic artery aneurysms. These infrequent lesions usually present as an emergency and require challenging surgical procedures.
Case presentation: We report an interesting case of mycotic IAA in a 25 years old male patient. He was a known intravenous drug abuser having mycotic aneurysm arising from brachiocephalic artery with eccentric thrombus causing adjacent mass effect over the trachea. He underwent successful emergent surgical management of aneurysm with autologous vein graft using superficial femoral vein. Unfortunately, he died due to massive upper gastrointestinal bleeding leading to multi-organ failure after a prolonged post-operative course.
Clinical discussion: Mycotic aneurysms of the IA are extremely rare with an overall incidence of 1-2.7 % cases of all IAA. Presentation of the IAA can be quite variable from asymptomatic to symptoms exhibiting mass effect over surrounding structures. Rupture of IAA can be fatal and can occur if not treated promptly. There are no current recommendations or guidelines for treatment and interventions in IAA. Surgical management involves complete excision of the aneurysm and then revascularization.
Conclusion: Infected Innominate artery aneurysm is a rare surgical entity requiring early diagnosis, detailed investigation and prompt surgical management involving multidisciplinary team approach. Our case describes a relatively innovative approach to this scarce condition


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International journal of surgery case reports