Primary angiosarcoma of breast in an octogenarian woman: A case report with literature review

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Case Report


Breast Surgery; Haematology/Oncology; Pathology and Laboratory Medicine


Introduction and importance: Primary breast angiosarcomas are endothelial derived breast sarcomas found in younger to middle age groups. The diagnosis of primary breast angiosarcoma in an octogenarian woman is a rare incidence.
Case presentation: We report a case of 87-year-old postmenopausal woman presenting with history of lump in her right breast for four months. Ultrasound guided biopsy was performed which confirmed the diagnosis of angiosarcoma hence, subjected to simple mastectomy. She was doing quite well for one year when ultimately, she developed metastatic disease and couldn't survive more.
Clinical discussion: Microscopically, these tumours are classified into grades I, II and III. Hematogenous route has been taken for metastasis having lungs being most involved. There are limited case reports and studies that have investigated the use of adjuvant radio/chemotherapy.
Conclusion: Primary angiosarcoma of breast is a rare disease in old age group with limited treatment options which resulted in poor prognosis and early relapse


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International Journal of Surgery Case Reports