Quality of life of breast cancer survivors: A comparison of breast conserving surgery versus total mastectomy with and without immediate reconstruction: A prospective cohort study

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Quality of life after breast cancer surgery is frequently ignored during and after treatment in many cancer survivors. To enhance this aspect of patient's life should be the primary goal of every cancer treatment. Therefore, the present study aimed to highlight the quality of life and patients' satisfaction with their breast cosmesis following breast conserving surgery (BCS), total mastectomy with and without reconstruction.
Material and methods: Data were collected prospectively from cancer patients who had undergone breast surgery at our institution from 1 January 2015 to 31 December 2021. The validated Breast-Q questionnaires were utilized for conducting patient interviews and mean scores between three cohorts were compared using one-way ANOVA test / Kruskal-Wallis test.
Results: Overall, 210 patients were recruited in which 70 patients (33.3%) had undergone BCS, 71 patients (33.8%) had total mastectomy only and 69 (32.9%) patients had total mastectomy with reconstruction. Physical well-being scores were consistent between the three groups while patients operated with total mastectomy with reconstructive surgery scored higher in sexual and psychosocial health measures as compared to patients of total mastectomy. However, BCS patients were the most satisfied with their cosmetic outcome following patients of total mastectomy with reconstruction and without reconstruction.
Conclusion: Reconstruction postmastectomy has a positive impact on sexual and psychosocial well-being of survivors; however, those who had breast conservation were more satisfied with cosmetic outcome post-surgery as compared with mastectomy with or without reconstruction.

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Annals of Medicine and Surgery