A roadmap to develop dementia research capacity and capability in Pakistan: A model for low- and middle-income countries

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Background: While global research strategies for dementia research already exist, none is tailored to the specific needs and challenges of low- and middle-income countries (LMIC) like Pakistan.
Methods: We undertook an iterative consensus process with lay and professional experts to develop a Theory of Change-based strategy for dementia research in Pakistan. This included Expert Reference Groups (ERGs), strategic planning techniques, a "research question" priority survey, and consultations with Key Opinion Leaders.
Results: We agreed on ten principles to guide dementia research in Pakistan, emphasizing pragmatic, resource sparing, real-world approaches to support people with dementia, both locally and internationally. Goals included capacity/capability building. Priority research topics included raising awareness and understanding of dementia, and improving quality of life.
Conclusion: This roadmap may be a model for other LMIC health ecosystems with emerging dementia research cultures.


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Alzheimer's & dementia : translational research & clinical interventions