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Pathology and Microbiology; Haematology/Oncology; Obstetrics and Gynaecology


Objective: To analyze the chromosomal abnormalities in couples with history of recurrent abortions.
Design: Retrospective study.
Setting: Cytogenetic section, Department of Pathology at the Aga Khan University Hospital. Karachi, Pakistan. Patients: Three hundred couples with history of recurrent abortions. Main outcome measure: Structural chromosomal abnormalities in carrier couples.
Results: G-banded chromosomes were analyzed from both partners of 300 couples who had had two or more spontaneous abortions. Sixteen (5.3%) couples showed a chromosomal aberration in one of the partners. Seven translocations, 5 inversions, 2 deletions and 2 sex chromosomal abnormalities were identified. There was an increase in structural aberations, which was not significantly different from that reported worldwide. a primary tool in the evaluation of couples with repetitive.
Conclusion:Chromosomal analysis is advocated as fetal wastage

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Journal of Pakistan Medical Association

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