Early Ischemic Stroke Presentation in Pakistan

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Introduction: There are no studies from Pakistan that describe stroke presentation rates or factors associated with early or delayed presentation. This is important to know because current clinical protocols limit the use of recombinant tissue plasminogen activator (rtPA), the only available therapy for acute ischemic stroke, to a three-hour window from symptom onset. Methods: All Patients aged 14 years or above with acute ischemic stroke of Results: 269 ischemic stroke Patients presented within 48 hours of stroke onset. 55 Out of 269 (21%) presented within first three hours and 110 Out of 269 (41%) within first six hours. Unawareness of treatment options (p= 15 wits not associated with earlier time to presentation at three hours (p=0.114) but there was some tendency at six hours (p=0.097). Conclusions: The rate of early stroke presentation in it Pakistani tertiary care facility is comparable to certain developed countries. To increase the proportion of Patients Who can benefit from thrombolytic therapy, programs need to be instituted to increase public awareness of treatment options for stroke and expedited referral by the primary care provider.

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Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences