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Stroke is the most common cause of disability and a leading cause of mortality world wide. Though the incidence is falling in West but probably is rising in Asia. The burden of stroke risk factors in Pakistan is enormous e.g. by 2020 Pakistan will be 4th most populous country in terms of diabetic patients. Similarly every 3rd person above age of 45 years has hypertension. Ironically a great majority of these patients are unaware of their diagnosis. This is further complicated by the fact that most of diagnosed patients have uncontrolled hypertension, as a result of poor compliance on patients part and poor updated knowledge on physicians part. Data on stroke incidence and prevalence from Pakistan is scarce, however, there are several reported case series in literature highlighting significant differences in terms of stroke epidemiology, risk factors and stroke subtypes/patterns. Considering a high population, absolute number of stroke in our country would be in millions. Its consequences are myriad ranging form physical disability to death, to psychologic, social and economic consequences. These consequences do not only affect the individual or his/her family but also society as a whole. We reviewed available literature on stroke and its risk factors from Pakistan.

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Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association

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