Multiple sclerosis in Pakistan

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We describe retrospective data from the largest series of patients (n=142) with multiple sclerosis (MS) from Pakistan. Mean age at onset was 27 years, with a female to male ratio of 1.45:1. The disease onset was polysymptomatic in 75% patients. Motor weakness was the most common onset symptom (70%), followed by sensory symptoms (45%). Optico-spinal type of MS was seen in only 3% of patients The course was relapsing-remitting (RR) in 81%, primary progressive (PP) in 21%, and secondary progressive (SP) in 4% of patients. Almost three-fourths of the patients were moderately (45%) or severely (31%) disabled at the time of evaluation. Two-thirds of patients with severe disability had a mean disease duration of only 5.2 years. In conclusion, MS is not uncommon in Pakistan, and many patients were found to have severe disability despite short disease duration.

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Multiple Sclerosis