Mediastinal mass diagnosed as a benign schwannoma

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Neurogenic tumours of the mediastinum are most commonly present in the posterior mediastinal compartment. Schwannomas, being the most frequently encountered type, can be either benign or malignant, although the former is more common. They typically appear as an asymptomatic mass on radiographic imaging. These tumours with spindle-shaped cells are often asymptomatic, and are routinely detected on standard pulmonary radiography. However, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, especially for posterior mediastinal tumours, provide additional information and help to determine its possible extension to adjacent structures. Therefore, radiographic and histopathological examinations are vital diagnostic tools in the detection of these silent tumours. Complete surgical resection using video-assisted thoracic surgical technique is the mainstay of treatment, and offers an excellent prognosis.

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Singapore Medical Journal