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A 67-year-old male with metastatic lung cancer presented with acute shortness of breath and increasing oxygen requirements. He had a decreasing hemoglobin for which he required red blood cell transfusions. His chest x-ray showed near complete white-out of the left lung. Bedside ultrasound (Handheld Sonostar C4PL) showed a large pleural effusion with swirling echogenic material suggestive of plankton sign. The pleural effusion was aspirated and showed frank blood, after which a small-bore chest tube (SBCT) was inserted. A total of 3200ml of blood was drained with the SBCT. There was complete clearance of the pleural space, and no further blood product transfusions were needed. This case highlights that conservative management can be considered in patients with spontaneous hemothorax due to metastatic disease.


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Monaldi Archives for Chest Disease