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Objective: To determine the percentage occurrence, clinical features and the age distribution of pregnancy-related dermatoses in pregnant females who were referred from Maternity Hospital Makkah to dermatology department for management at King Abdul Aziz Hospital, Makkah, Saudi-Arabia.

Methods: Patients who attended the dermatology clinic at King Abdul Aziz Hospital, Makkah were examined clinically and appropriate laboratory evaluation was done to facilitate diagnosis. These cases were managed till the termination of pregnancy and 10 weeks follow up in the puerperium. This study lasted for a period of 03 calendar years.

Results: A total of 47 females were seen, with polymorphic eruption (PEP) being the most common (38.29%) of the pregnancy-related dermatoses followed by intra-hepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (25.53%), pemphigoid gestationis (19.14%), prurigo of pregnancy (8.51%), pruritic folliculitis (4.25%) and impetigo herpetiformis (4.25%). The age group most affected by these disorders was 21-30 years (42.55%), followed by 31-40 years (38.29%), < 20years(12.76%) and > 40 (6.38%).

Conclusion: Certain dermatoses are specifically seen in pregnancy or postpartum period. It is therefore important for the clinicians to recognize and treat these cutaneous disorders to minimize maternal and fetal morbidity.

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Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences

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