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Objective: To evaluate the clinical course and outcomes in patients with acute severe asthma in a tertiary care setting.
Methods: The retrospective cross-sectional study was conducted at the Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, and comprised data of patients of age 16 and above who were admitted with a diagnosis of acute severe asthma from January 2000 to December 2013.These patients had undergone clinical evaluation to assess the severity of illness as well as the complications and eventual outcomes. SPSS 16 was used for statistical analysis.
Results: Of the 50 patients in the study, 41 (82%) were females. The overall mean age was 53.1±20.3 years. Ventilator support was required by 37(74%) patients. Presence of acidaemia was associated with the need for invasive ventilation (p<0.033) which in turn was associated with increased hospital stay (p<0.043). Complications were observed in 37(74%) patients, the most common being respiratory failure in 35(70%) and arrhythmias in 8(16%). Use of both non-invasive and invasive ventilation was found to be significantly associated with development of complications (p<0.001and p<0.009). A total of 4(8%) patients died. Presence of acidaemia was found to be significantly associated with mortality (p<0.032).
Conclusion: Overt acidaemia at initial presentation in patients with acute severe asthma was significantly associated with higher rates of invasive ventilation leading to increased hospital stay, complications and higher mortality rate.

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