Laparoscopic splenectomy for haematological disorder: our experience.

Hasnain Zafar, Aga Khan University
Aamir Hameed, Aga Khan University
Amyn Pardhan,, Aga Khan University
Ghulam Murtaza, Aga Khan University
Samia Mazahir, Aga Khan University

Case Series


Laparoscopic splenectomy has universal acceptance due to less morbidity and decreased incidence of peroperative and postoperative complication. It is not a popular procedure in Pakistan due to technical challenges. Here, we are presenting our experience of laparoscopic splenectomy for haematological disorders at Aga Khan University Hospital. A total of seven cases, underwent elective laparoscopic splenectomy for haematological disorders. The operative time was less than 3 hours with minimal blood loss with rapid and uneventful recovery. There was no procedure related morbidity or mortality; however, one patient expired due to overwhelming post splenectomy sepsis. Our initial report highlights the safety of laparoscopic splenectomy and we propose it to be the procedure of choice in elective splenectomy.