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Human Development Programme; Community Health Sciences


Objective: To determine the incidence, nature and the extent of infant injuries in two suburban and rural communities of Pakistan.
Methods: The cross-sectional study was conducted on a cohort of 310 infants in suburban and rural communities of Pakistan in September 2007. The information was collected from primary care-givers based on any injury that had occurred to their infants during the preceding 3 months that required treatment at home or in a hospital.
Result: The incidence of non-fatal injury for infants up to 1-year-old was found to be 19 injuries per 100 person (child) years of exposure (95% CI 9.90 - 27.21). In suburban area, the rate was 26 injuries/100 person (child) years (95 % CI 15.37 - 35.71), while in rural area, it was 13 injuries/100 person (child) years of exposure (95 % CI 4.79-18.39). Altogether, 13 episodes of injury were reported among infants in both the communities. The male to female infant ratio for injury was 1:2.2. Suburban area had more than double injuries compared to the rural area.
Conclusion: The magnitude of infant injuries was quite significant, especially among suburban and female children. There is a dire need to develop community-based interventions creating awareness on the matter.

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JPMA. The Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association