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Objective: To establish as reliable and valid the nine-point global rating scale for assessing residents\' independent performance of Caesarean Section.

Methods: The validation study was conducted at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Aga Khan University Hospital, from April to December 2008, and comprised 15 residents during 40 Caesarean Sections over 9 months. Independently two evaluators rated each procedure and the difficulty of each case.

Results: The observations per faculty ranged from 1-8 (mean 4.07± 2.56). The Year 4 residents were observed the most i.e. 32 (40%), followed by Year 3, 30 (37.5%); Year 2; 14 (17.5%); and Year 1, 4 (5%). Mean time required for observation of the surgery was 43.81±14.28 (range: 20-90) with a mode of 45 min. Mean aggregate rating on all items showed gradual progression with the year of residency. The assessment tool had an internal consistency reliability (Cronbach\'s alpha) of 0.9097 with low inter-rater reliability.

Conclusion: The evaluation tool was found to be reliable and valid for evaluating a resident\'s competence for performing Caesarean Section. Training of the assessors is required for a better inter-rater agreement.

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Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association