Student underperforming in health professions education: a management risk perspective to help underperforming students

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Educational Development; Centre for Innovation in Medical Education


Medical students suffer from stress and psychological morbidity during their academic years which is mostly related to course work and workload. It has been a general concern in the educational arena regarding the underperformance of medical students. Literature provides a clear catalogue of reasons correlated with academic underperformance including: time management; reliance on passive learning; insufficient background and content knowledge; weakness in study skills, test-taking strategies or critical thinking and lack of self -regulation and metacognition. This article aims to offer a holistic yet detailed risk-management perspective to limit the risk of student underperformance among medical students. The literature will be used to identify and characterize risks; assess the vulnerability of students and the expected likelihood and consequences of specific type’s risk; identify ways to reduce those risks and prioritize risk reduction measures that can be implanted as well as strategies for academic rehabilitation

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Advances in Health Professions Education

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