Change in the nomenclature of Library and Information Science discipline: Perceptions of LIS faculty members, practitioners and students

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Objectives: To know the perceptions of LIS professionals and students regarding change of nomenclature of LIS discipline and the location of LIS schools (departments) under the appropriate faculty in the universities.
Methodology: Data for this descriptive study were collected from the university websites and through discussion with the chairpersons of LIS departments in Pakistan. A web-based questionnaire was also posted on Facebook, mailing groups, WhatsApp groups to ascertain the perceptions of LIS faculty members, practitioners and students in Pakistan. The data were analyzed and presented with frequency and percentage.
Findings: There is no uniformity in the nomenclature of LIS departments in Pakistan. Moreover, the placement of LIS schools (departments) in the university faculties also varies. A total of 336 respondents filled in the questionnaire. Majority of the respondents were in favor of renaming the LIS discipline and Information Management (IM) was the most desired nomenclature. Most of the respondents were of the opinion that LIS may be located in the Faculty of Management Sciences.
Conclusion: IM appeared as the most popular nomenclature for LIS discipline and the Faculty of Management Sciences as the most accepted location of LIS departments in the universities. IM requires wide range of capabilities, therefore, LIS professionals need to reinforce their IM-enabled competencies


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Library Philosophy and Practice (e-journal)