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The purpose of this study was to analyze biomedical research productivity in Africa South of Sahara indexed in Scopus. Using a retrospective bibliometric analysis with Scopus databases, data covering 2010-2022 from 41 South of Sahara countries was retrieved and analysed using H-Index, webometrics and impact factor. The results show that the biomedical research output by Africa South of Sahara was 2,207 documents, almost half (1,087) from South Africa alone followed by Nigeria (282), Kenya (236) and Uganda (193). The least was Somalia, one (01) document. Overall, the University of Cape Town in South Africa had the highest publications (269) as compared to other researchers. Out of the 193 documents published in Uganda, Makerere University had the highest (93). Bekker, Linda-Gail from the University of Cape Town registered the highest H-index of 82. COVID 19 pandemic as topic, attracted publishing of 1,666 documents. The overall analysis reveals that research productivity was more on cure, treatment and less on prevention measures, diagnosis and drug safety. The practical implications highlight that the study provide valid method of measuring the research productivity trends, gaps for aiding research direction, policy, decision, funds allocation and evaluation. The study identified the biomedical research patterns and brings out the gaps in the discipline for further research.

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Journal of Social Sciences and Management

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