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Every person needs information to fulfill their personal, professional, educational, teaching and learning need of information. People have different information seeking behavior to acquire, organize, use and disseminate information. The aim of this study is to identify information seeking behavior, information sources and to know their searching preferences and determine behaviors of undergraduate students in information searching at University of Karachi, Pakistan.

In this study quantitative approach was applied. A survey method was used. A structured questionnaire was develop as a data collection tool. In the questionnaire two types of questions; (closed-ended and multiple choice questions) were developed. Sample size was consist of (n= 208) undergraduate students at University of Karachi, Pakistan. Simple Random Sampling method was applied to select participants. Researchers collected data from participants by describing questions personally to get accurate and maximum response rate. Survey response rate was 94%. Collected data was analyzed by using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). This study will fill the gap within existing knowledge because very less current studies have been conducted so far about information seeking behavior of undergraduate students especially in respect of Karachi, Pakistan. This study will be helpful to libraries to develop and improve resources and services as per need of their students. Teachers will be able to identify students' needs and their pattern of information.


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