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The Nation Media Group Information has a Library-cum-Archive serving the company and the Kenyan public. It holds back issues of newspapers since1959 when the first paper was published to current. Bulky print copies have been scanned and are now available in easily-accessible and retrievable digital format.The process is still ongoing to also digitise the photographic content available.As a media resource centre, it captures the nations heart beat in both images, text, audio and audiovisual format. Fromthe resources available books, documentaries, publications and advertorialshave beenpublished. This helps current and future generations relate with the journey the nationhas taken in the past.It therefore forms an important part of our culturalheritagewhichshould be preserved for posterity. Loss or damage to this resource would bankrupt the national memory. A multimedia content management system is in place to manage these resources and make searching and retrieval more user-friendly.It also stocks relevant books and has access to online resources necessary to train and keep the staff informed for efficient practice.A library management system is also in place to enable library processes.

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Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Branch of the International Council onArchives