The Way to School by R. McCarney

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The book is able to show that different communities have very distinct experiences when going to school and a number of them not too pleasant. For example, children are shown wading through a river, climbing ladders up a river bank, riding a zip-line and crossing a single-wire bridge. Despite all these differences the book shows how much children love being in school.

With clear and high quality photos, the book is able to demonstrate the different experiences. The photos have captured different sceneries and landscapes that ably demonstrate the different worlds the children come from. The photos add a lot of wonderful content to the story. As the photos demonstrate different communities it is therefore easy for children from various communities to relate with the story as well as appreciate the differences.

This book shows both boys and girls going to school. Education of girls is one of author Rosemary McCarney’s goals. McCarney leads Plan International Canada and helped found the “Because I am a Girl” initiative.

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The Deakin Review of Children's Literature