Sonya’s Chickens by P. Wahl

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Book Review




This book tells a lovely story of Sonya, a little girl whose father gave her chicks to take care of. In simple language the book brings out the story of Sonya’s passion to care for the chickens and equally brings out emotions of a child who loses a “pet”; in this case, a chicken. When Sonya’s chicken is taken by a fox the reader feels her great loss and sadness. The book combines the different emotions of joy, caring, passion, compassion and sadness in a most wonderful and simple way for a young child to grasp and appreciate. The flow of the story is captivating and the style would without doubt keep a child reading the text to the end.

While attractive colour and drawing have been used in the text sections of the book, there are whole pages of drawings corresponding to the text sections. The drawings have strong colours and they are presented in a manner in which a young child may easily understand and make connection to the story. The pictures which add content to the story are very useful in helping any young child connect with the story. This is a wonderful book that is recommended for public libraries and small children’s rooms everywhere.

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The Deakin Review of Children's Literature