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A survey of the Afghan Midwives Association (AMA) members was conducted in April 2013 to determine the profile of the midwifery workforce, and to provide guidance on the professional needs and expectations of midwives in the future. Of the estimated 3,000 members across the country, around 500 participated in the Annual Congress, 400 questionnaires were distributed randomly among participants, and 357 were returned (89% response rate representing 12% of the overall membership).

The results showed that most members are pleased with the Association, and value its work, particularly its ability to advocate on their behalf with the Ministry of Public Health, on midwifery matters. They also appreciated that AMA provided an opportunity to share professional information and experiences in a context where many work in remote and isolated areas. As a result, a majority of the members believed that the Association must better identify the needs of its members and develop strategies to improve its services accordingly.

Whilst there was general support for the mandatory payment of fees, some found this to be expensive; this calls for a review of the contribution that the types of membership given to each of the members, considering their income.

Most respondents believe that an area for improvement is communication and access to information. Although some of them have information about the current governance mechanisms and agendas, a significant proportion is not aware of these and, consequently, participation in regularly updated activities is often limited. This survey has identified opportunities that the Association could use to improve their coverage and membership. These opportunities include using mobile phones to increase communication with members.