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MEWAKA (Mafunzo Endelevu kwa Walimu Kazini, or Teacher Continuous Professional Development [TCPD]) is a landmark, school-based teacher professional development programme being implemented nationally by the Government of Tanzania, with the ultimate aim of raising learning outcomes in schools. EdTech Hub, Aga Khan University, and the Tanzania Institute of Education (TIE) are conducting research to iteratively enhance the MEWAKA implementation at primary school level and to understand the role that technology can play in scaling TCPD. This report presents the findings and recommendations from the first cycle of design-based implementation research (DBIR) conducted in rural schools in the Lindi region. Following a pilot peer facilitator workshop, data was collected through observation and self-reporting methods between September and December 2022. The aims were to capture stakeholders' perspectives at all levels of the education system and to see how schools are implementing the programme on the ground. The emerging findings and recommendations are being used to inform the redesign and further implementation of this TCPD model, and were used to identify key areas to test and investigate in the second cycle of the DBIR in 2023.

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