Extension of the Pension Scheme Coverage to Informal Groups: A Case of Fishing Groups in Tanzania

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Institute for Educational Development, East Africa


The study investigates fishermen’s perceptions toward contribution to the pension scheme. It explores conditions that examine the influence of the fishermen on voluntary donations to a pension scheme through informal social organisations. In Dar Es Salaam, informal economy workers operate to provide protection, particularly given their vulnerability and income insecurities. Qualitative techniques were used to collect data through interviews with informal economy actors involving fishermen operations in Dar es Salaam. Furthermore, the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) was interviewed. The study shows that the reform of NSSF for the private sector has provided a powerful platform for informal sector actors to enroll on the pension scheme. Enrolments, registrations, and benefits regulations have become easy for informal actors in joining the NSSF. The study recommends that the informal sector actors be incorporated through informal organisations and urged to join NSSF.

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European Journal of Development Studies

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