Reflecting the use of mobile applications to facilitate language teaching and learning amid COVID-19: a systematic literature review

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Institute for Educational Development, East Africa


Despite the potential of mobile applications to facilitate language teaching and learning, educators have been avoiding using them because of a lack of skills to teach with such applications. However, in the effort to use technology to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic, mobile applications stand to be the most accessible and affordable technology in the world. This goes without saying that the majority of educators in the globe have opted to use them to ensure teaching and learning continuity, which raises questions on the ability to implement teaching through mobile applications effectively. Therefore, the present study aims at examining the implementation of language teaching and learning through mobile applications worldwide so as to inform best policy and practice in the near future. Specifically, the paper investigated opportunities and challenges associated with the use of mobile applications in language teaching and learning amid Covid-19. Data for the present study were collected through a systematic literature review. The research articles used in this study were sourced from Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic, BASE, CORE, and ERIC. A total of 12 research articles were reviewed. Findings show that the use of mobile applications includes sharing curriculum content, facilitating interaction among students and between teacher and students. On the other hand, challenges include teachers’ lack of skills to operate technology and choose appropriate teaching approaches. The paper calls for stakeholders to support teachers with training on using various mobile applications and appropriate mobile learning pedagogies for improving language teaching and learning.

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EDULEARN21 Proceedings