Teacher development through reflective conversations – possibilities and tensions: a Pakistan case

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Institute for Educational Development, East Africa


In recent years teachers have been encouraged to take up reflective practice because of its perceived ability to improve teaching and learning, but this has largely been limited to the West. The emphasis has not been widespread in developing countries and many educators are largely unaware of reflective practice and its perceived potential as a teacher development strategy. This article reports a study undertaken to understand and explore the process and consequences of engaging teachers in reflective conversations in Karachi, Pakistan. It describes how two English language teachers and a reflective coach reflected through conversations on their practices. The findings suggest that teachers in such contexts need to engage in reflective conversations if their practices are to improve. Also, the role of the reflective coach in this context appears to be fluid and evolving. The article also presents possibilities and tensions that are likely to emerge if reflective conversations are implemented as a teacher development strategy and a framework for using reflective conversations as a teacher development strategy in developing country contexts. Finally, implications of the study for schools and teacher development in Pakistan and similar contexts are identified.

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Reflective practice