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Institute for Educational Development, East Africa


Research has shown that reflective practices improve teaching practices, which makes them valuable in the 21st century where the teaching context is complex due to increasing technological innovations and diversity among learners. However, it is hardly practiced among teachers. As a result, the present study aims at highlighting how reflective practices could improve teaching practices in a challenging context. The study adopted a Self-Study qualitative research approach. The data were collected through reflection, observation, and interviews from two collaborating researchers, primary school teachers, and students. Data were analyzed thematically. Findings show that reflective practices improve four main aspects of teaching practices namely assessment, teacher-student role in the classroom, teacher pedagogical competence, and teacher awareness on integrating ICT in the classroom and teacher proficiency in technology. It was revealed that RPs were effective in meeting TPD qualities. The study calls for teacher-educating institutions to ensure that teachers are provided with skills for developing reflective practices.

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Journal of Research, Policy & Practice of Teachers & Teacher Education

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