New global WHO postnatal guidance is welcome but misses the long-term perspective

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Obstetrics and Gynaecology (East Africa); Centre of Excellence in Women and Child Health


Positive Postnatal Experience, 4 issued on March 30, 2022, are therefore important. Recommendations intended for healthy women and newborn babies reflect a human rights-based approach to support a positive postnatal experience that accords with the WHO vision for betterquality maternity care5 and complements existing WHO pregnancy and birth guidance. The guideline includes many positive recommendations. A strength is the robust and transparent guideline development process that supported the Guideline Develop ment Group’s (GDG) judgements on recommendations, and context-specific contributions accompanying comprehen sive evidence summaries. 63 recommendations are included to improve provision, use, and experience of postnatal care, grouped under maternal, newborn, health systems, and health promotion interventions.

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The Lancet