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Obstetrics and Gynaecology (East Africa)


Background: The annual global neonatal mortality stands at 2.5 million deaths, 1 million of them dying within the first day of life. An additional 2.6 million are stillborn globally, the majority of them due to intrapartum events. Optimal fetal heart rate (FHR) monitoring has the potential to timely detect fetuses at risk and, if coupled with timely obstetric responses may save more newborns. Moyo is a new Doppler with nine crystals capable of monitoring FHR both intermittently and continuously.

Aim: To assess women’s and midwives’ opinions on the use of Moyo for intrapartum FHR monitoring.

Methods: We conducted a cross-sectional study using a structured questionnaire to assess women’s and midwives’ perception. Women who gave birth at the hospital who used Moyo were interviewed using a questionnaire immediately before discharge from the hospital. Twenty-eight midwives who have been using Moyo for more than 6 months were also interviewed using a structured questionnaire. Data were analyzed using excel and result presented in figures.

Results: In total 113 postpartum women who were monitored using Moyo were interviewed before discharge. Out of these, 46 (40.7%) were first-time mothers and the rest were multipara. In total, 95 women (84.1%) used Moyo and other devices for FHR monitoring, 81 (72%) said Moyo was better than Fetoscopes and handheld Doppler, two-third 75 (66.4%) felt that Moyo was comfortable and 93 (82.3%) would like Moyo to be used on them in the future. Out of 28 midwives, 11 (39.3%) used Moyo continuous only, 3 (10.7%) used Moyo intermittently only and 14 (50.0%) used both intermittent and continuous. Thirteen (46.4%) midwives prefer to use Moyo both intermittent and continuous. Sixteen (55.6%) said Moyo was effective, 21 (75%) felt comfortable to use Moyo, and 13 (46.4%) said Moyo was easy to use.

Conclusion: The majority of midwives and women who used Moyo felt that Moyo was comfortable for intrapartum FHR monitoring. Moyo can be used both intermittently and continuously depending on the user’s preferences.

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