Diagnosis of IPF

Pahnwat T. Taweesedt, Corpus Christi Medical Center, USA
Kejal Gandhi, Georgetown University/Medstar Washington Hospital Center, USA
Reena Shah, Aga Khan University
Salim Surani, Texas A&M University, USA


Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is a chronic, progressive interstitial lung fibrosis with an unknown cause commonly seen in the elderly. Obtaining histories such as past medical history, exposure history, occupational history, and family history can be crucial parts to help to find other pulmonary fibrosis causes. Not only that, but thorough physical examination can rule out pulmonary fibrosis related to other diseases. Several diagnostic modalities have helped to improve the IPF assessment, including computer tomographic scan, histopathology, bronchoscopy lavage, serological testing, and serum biomarkers. Diagnostic of exclusion is required. The consensus from multidisciplinary IPF experts’ discussion from various societies recommends the clinical practice for IPF diagnosis to help define this condition. In this book chapter, we will discuss the evidence for each of the diagnostic techniques for IPF.