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Background: Peritoneal dialysis (PD) is a well-recognized technique of renal replacement therapy (RRT), with similar efficacy as well as survival outcomes as hemodialysis (HD). Despite its advantages including prolonged preservation of residual renal function, potentially lower cost and advances with automated techniques, and commercialization of more biocompatible solutions, the overall prevalence of patients treated with PD is still very low in developed countries and even more so in Africa and low-middle income countries like Kenya. According to our knowledge, no local studies have been done on prevalence of peritoneal dialysis or on potential barriers to utilization of PD as an RRT modality.

Objective: To explore perceptive barriers of nephrologists to PD utilization.

Methodology: A computer-base, 22-question questionnaire was formulated using the Delphi technique and sent out to all the nephrologists via emails. There were 30 nephrologists, in clinical practice in Kenya, at the time when the study was conducted. This is according to the registry maintained by the Kenya Renal Association (KRA). Their contacts were obtained from the registry.

Design: A cross-sectional descriptive study.

Setting: A computer based 22-question questionnaire was administered to 23 nephrologists in Kenya.

Results: Among the total number of 23 nephrologists, 39% reported to be looking after patients maintained on PD despite 59% of them reporting that they think patients should be maintained on PD. Only 21% of respondents felt limited training in PD limited their use of PD and only 23% felt poor personal experience contributed to limited use. Other barriers that came up with a relative majority of the respondents included lack of nursing expertise, concerns with PD catheter placement, concerns about long-term viability of continuous peritoneal dialysis, concerns about technique failure and peritonitis, lack of facility support for PD, and lack of dialysis education programs.

Conclusion: A significant proportion of nephrologists in this survey felt PD, as a modality of RRT, was underutilized and reported systemic and technical factors as being potential barriers.

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Canadian Journal of Kidney Health and Disease

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