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Submissions from 2016


Determinants of quality of care for adolescents and young adults with chronic illnesses: a mixed methods study, Nabeel Al-Yateem, Charles Docherty, and Rachel Rossiter


Play distraction versus pharmacological treatment to reduce anxiety levels in children undergoing day surgery: a randomized controlled non-inferiority trial, N Yateem, M Brenner, A Shorrab, and Charles Docherty

Submissions from 2015


Transition: a concept of significance to nursing and health care professionals, Nabeel Al-Yateem and Charles Docherty

Submissions from 2010


The impact of health information technology (I-HIT) survey: results from an international research collaborative, Patricia C. Dykes, Suzanne Brown, Rita W. Collins, Robyn Cook, Charles Docherty, Anneli Ensio, Joanne Foster, Nicholas R. Hardiker, Michelle LL Honey, Rosaleen Killalea, and Kaija Saranto

Submissions from 2009


Personal cleansing and dressing, Charles Docherty, K. Lang, and J Timmons

Foundation clinical nursing skills, Charles Docherty and Jacqueline McCallum


Validation of the impact of Health Information Technology (I-HIT) scale: an international collaborative, Patricia C. Dykes, Ann C. Hurley, Suzanne Brown, Robyn Carr, Margaret Cashen, Rita Collins, Robyn Cook, Leanne Currie, Charles Docherty, Anneli Ensio, Joanne Foster, icholas R. Hardiker, Michelle L.L. Honey, Rosaleen Killalea, Judy Murphy, Kaija Saranto, Joyce Sensmeier, and Charlotte Weaver

Submissions from 2008


Problem-based learning (PBL): assessing students’ learning preferences using vark, Israa M.Alkhasawneh, Majd T.Mrayyan, Charles Docherty, Safaa Alashram, and Hamzeh Y. Yousef

Submissions from 2006


A Scottish perspective on issues surrounding the electronic record, Charles Docherty


The structure and content of the nursing component of a pilot electronic health record for the cardiac managed clinical network in Scotland, Charles Docherty

Submissions from 2005


eLearning techniques supporting problem based learning in clinical simulation, Charles Docherty, Derek Hoy, Helena Topp, and Kathryn Trinder


Missing in UK nursing: a structured conceptualisation of nursing care as a pre-requisite to electronic records, Charles Docherty and M Kellagher

Books from 2004

Mapping knowledge on controlling and avoiding healthcare acquired infections, C.O Egbu, Charles Docherty, D Hoy, G O’Brien, C.L Liyanage, and E. Curran

Submissions from 2000


The nurse lecturer’s role in mentoring the mentors, Kathleen Duffy, Charles Docherty, Liz Cardnuff, Margaret White, Gerry Winters, and Jean Greig