If stones could speak : Echoes from the past

If stones could speak : Echoes from the past


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The most compressed and visually stunning pictorial tour of ancient civilizations and historical landmarks of the past. ‘If Stones Could Speak’ takes the readers on a fascinating journey in the form of 4 splendid sections, and every one of them retells the history through a dimension of power utilized by the religious rulers of these sites. These images show the shared commonalities between us and our ancestors, the complexities of societies and more captivating attributes which transcends the reader to a realm of pure mysticism. A preaching scholar’s dream journal and a history fanatic’s treasure, this book greatly captures the beauty and remarkability of famous locations with helpful descriptions and subtexts on the sides. The duo writers of this book ‘Iftikhar and Naseem Salahuddin’ elevate each other in terms of visual storytelling and it’s ever so transparent in this universal truth of a journey through history’s timeless monuments.

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If stones could speak : Echoes from the past