America & Islam: Soundbites, suicide bombs and the road to Donald Trump

America & Islam: Soundbites, suicide bombs and the road to Donald Trump


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Donald Trump's first term as the 45th President of the United States of America has shocked the world. His attitudes towards Islam became a key point of contention on the campaign trail, and in power Trump has continued his war of divisive words and deeds. Here, acclaimed journalist Lawrence Pintak scrutinizes America's relationship with Islam since its foundation. Casting Donald Trump as a symptom of decades of misunderstanding and demonization of the Islamic world, as well as a cause of future tensions, Pintak shows how and why America's relationship with the world's largest religion has been so fractious, damaging and self-defeating.
Featuring unique interviews with victims and perpetrators of Trump's policies, as well as analysis of the media's role in inflaming debate, America & Islam seeks to provide a complete guide to the twin challenges of terrorism and the polarizing rhetoric that fuels it, and sketches out a future based on co-operation and the reassertion of democratic values.

Table of Contents

Reviews ix
About the Author xi
Author's Note xiii
Introduction 1
Section I: Politics – The Muslim Bogeyman 9
Chapter 1: Media Codependence 11
Chapter 2: Prisoners of The Long War 31
Chapter 3: The American Taliban 47
Chapter 4: Cogitative Dissonance 53
Chapter 5: The Morning After 59
Section II: (Mis)Perceptions – Separating Fact from Fiction 71
Chapter 6: Not All Islamists Want Your Head 73
Chapter 7: The Myth of the Muslim Monolith 81
Chapter 8: How the West Created Radical Islam 101
Chapter 9: The Islamic States of America 123
Section III: Policies – Seeing Black & White in a Sea of Gray 141
Chapter 10: Brotherhood of the Orb 143
Chapter 11: The Wahhabi Project 153
Chapter 12: Tempest in the Gulf 165
Chapter 13: Between Iran and a Hard Place 173
Chapter 14: Return of the Ottomans 183
Section IV: Prospects – Islam Beyond Trump 189
Chapter 15: The Prince 191
Chapter 16: The Americanization of Islam 199
Chapter 17: Voices of Reason 211
Chapter 18: Islam UnTrumped 219
Postscript 231
Notes 235
Bibliography 277
Index 313

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I.B. Tauris




United States, politics and government, foreign relations

America & Islam: Soundbites, suicide bombs and the road to Donald Trump