Rethinking teacher education: Improvement, innovation and change

Rethinking teacher education: Improvement, innovation and change


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Rethinking Teacher Education: Improvement, Innovation and Change is the result of the conference organised by The Aga Khan University - Institute for Educational Development, East Africa (AKU-IED, EA) on education, in Uganda in 2017. The Conference, gathered participants from nine countries, to deliberate on a cross section of factors regarding teacher education in the region and landscaping the same on global perspectives. The choice of the conference theme was inspired by a need to consider new systems, policies, structures and reforms to help drive sustainable education for the development of nations in the East African region.

A variety contributors participated from across the education landscape, and included researchers working in higher education, practitioners such as teachers in schools, tutors, instructors in colleges, and lecturers and professors at universities. Also contributing were non-governmental organisations with interests in education and student learning outcomes, civil society organisations whose interests navigate the role education plays in social and national development, policy makers and curriculum developers, librarians, publishers, booksellers and teacher trainees, all of who shared their rich experiences and perspectives on teacher education in the 21st century in East Africa and globally.

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1 Leadership for School Effectiveness in UPE Schools: A Case Study of Kayunga District, Uganda CHAPTER 2 Unionization of Teachers in Sub-Saharan Africa: Sweet or Sour? CHAPTER 3 The Role of Teacher Education in Facilitating Human Rights for Citizenship in Kenya: A Legal Perspective CHAPTER 4 Promoting Special Needs and Inclusion in Teacher Education in Tanzania CHAPTER 5 Employee Innovativeness in Higher Education CHAPTER 6 Forming an In-Service Continuous Professional Learning Model at the PL Centre Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa, Kenya CHAPTER 7 Shaping the Teacher: Reflections from Masters in Education Students of Aga Khan University-Institute for Educational Development, East Africa CHAPTER 8 Innovative Practices in Teacher Education: A Project in Educating Girls in Science, 2014-2016 CHAPTER 9 Towards Teachers' Professional Development in the 21ST Century: Teachers Experiences in Tanzania. CHAPTER 10 How Face-to-Face (F2F) can Coalesce with the Open Distance Learning (ODL) Towards Convergence or Divergence with Open Educational Resources (OERs) CHAPTER 11 Pedagogies for Assessment in Distance Education and the Role of Distance Education Assossiation of Tanzania (DEATA) CHAPTER 12 Teacher Preparation for Learners with Disabilities: An Exploration of Primary Teacher-Training Curricula in Uganda CHAPTER 13 From Manuscript to Publication: The Journey of a Children's Storybook CHAPTER 14 The Challenge of Teacher Supply in Tanzania: Balancing Quantity with Quality in Teacher Education and Deployment CHAPTER 15 Building Teachers' Capacity in Assessment for Learning Index

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Education, improvement, innovation and change, society, culture

Rethinking teacher education: Improvement, innovation and change