Pakistan left review: Then and now

Pakistan left review: Then and now


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This volume places the spotlight on an important moment in history. The late 1960s was a time of profound change around the world, and the contributions included here from Pakistan’s leftist intellectuals based in London, speak volumes about the implications of the turbulence and the promise for a better future in relation to Pakistan. More than five decades on, the promise of a better tomorrow looks as far away as ever, but the turbulence has returned with a vengeance. The newly written contributions reflect on the significance of this leftist journal at the time and the impact of those ideas and discourses on the politics that came to be.

Table of Contents

Preface--Introduction: A Leftist Intellectual fourna--A Distant Encounter: ptR Days and Early Art Writing --Identity and Exciusion: The Making of Three Nations--A Brief Biography of Iqbal Khan (co_edi tor of pakistan Left Review)--A View from the LefT--An Exclusive Interview withZ.A. Bhutto --An Open Letter to Zdflkar Ali Bhutto--Book Reviews--Ethics and Revolution: Extracts from Bengali and urdu translations--Poem (Published in pLRfor thefirst time) --Why do you want to start a journal about pakistan in London?--Pakistan Usurped --The Economic Basis of the Current Crisis--On the euestion of East pakistan--People's Demands--The 1962 Constitution: A Critical Appraisal--Despatches from pakistan--Volcano tanquilised--Save Pakistan from Being Mortgaged!--Our Population--Our Enemies and How to Destroy Them: Litera cy and Population Explosion--IuqrXi Review: The Myth of Independence--Living in Paksitan (A Sociological Report) --Book Review: Islam and Capitalismby Maxime Rodinson--The Military Takeover in America by an American Observer--Afterword --Who's Who is CIA? --Facsimile of first three pages--Note of permission by Aziz Kurtha --Photos of the editors of the pLR--A note to get pLR Subscription--Index.

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Pakistan, economics, politics, global history, 1960s

Pakistan left review: Then and now