Atlas of diagnostic and predictive histopathology

Atlas of diagnostic and predictive histopathology


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The second edition of this atlas covers the histopathology of all organ systems, supporting trainees and residents in the histopathological diagnosis of a wide range of inflammatory, neoplastic, degenerative, developmental and metabolic disorders. Though organ-specific books and atlases are increasingly available, there is a growing demand for a comprehensive guide to the histopathological diagnosis of each organ system, enabling histopathology trainees/residents and general pathologists to make reliable provisional or final diagnoses in routine practice. Each chapter covers a specific organ system and provides a better understanding of the microscopic pathology of common diseases and cancers, their interpretation, clinical presentation, epidemiology and demographics. The book also includes a chapter on ‘Predictive Pathology’ to help pathologists and other medical and healthcare professionals understand histopathology and report on it in keeping with standard international guidelines for individualized patient management.
Intended as a concise and handy guide, this book offers a ready reference for trainees in histopathology, surgical pathology, anatomic pathology and cellular pathology, as well as practicing pathologists. It can also serve as a useful resource for biologists, biomedical scientists and physicians in general. The book features over 2200 illustrations with microscopic descriptions and interpretations. Besides H&E, special stains, IHC, FISH and radiology are included.

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Atlas of diagnostic and predictive histopathology