AKU-IED reflecting on the past journeying into the future

AKU-IED reflecting on the past journeying into the future



This Commemorative Edition, with its 12 engaging chapters written by AKU-IED graduates, exemplifies the depth and scale of the educational challenges to be confronted. The chapters provide insights into how different discourses and educational practices are envisaged by the students themselves, which in turn is a reflection of their experiences as post-graduate students at the Institute, leading to changes they chart — both of themselves in developing their research capabilities and the impact of their studies in each of the particular projects. The chapters provide compelling insight and evidence of the AKU-IED Master of Education programme effect, with its two specialisation strands of teacher education and educational leadership and management, and the influence of the MEd on its graduates' personal and professional lives, their enhanced capabilities and capacities as pedagogues and critical thinkers, their vision for real and potential change to impact their home institutions and more broadly in the educational arenas they study. The graduates' biographical snapshots presented along with their chapters convey a powerful perennial message: the journey and creation and re-creation of individuals and institutions is a personal and public narrative that needs to be acknowledged, critically examined, and recast in the pursuit of producing new knowledge and sustainable approaches particularly for the Global South.

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Aga Khan University, Institute for Educational Development, Karachi, 2018




Education, Teaching and learning, Teacher's professional development, Assessment practices

AKU-IED reflecting on the past journeying into the future