Foundation clinical nursing skills

Foundation clinical nursing skills



First year nursing students require a firm foundation in clinical skills in order to succeed on placement, and in their studies. It is not enough to know how to perform a skill - today's students must understand how clinical skills link to biology, holistic care, safety and clinical evidence before they can undertake and master skills on placement. When starting out, it has been difficult to link theory to practice, especially across a range of patients, until now! Foundation Clinical Nursing Skills provides a clear introduction to both the knowledge and practical procedures that first year nursing students require. Without assuming prior knowledge, the authors carefully describe each element of a skill and demonstrate how it should be performed correctly on any patient and in any setting. Covering the NMC's Essential Skills Clusters for first year students, straightforward language explains the biology, evidence-base and rationale so students know why to perform each skill in that way. Colour illustrations and selected video clips show students how to perform a skill. Scenarios and tips show how care is given to children, adults and those people with learning disabilities or experiencing mental health problems. Examples are taken from community and hospital settings ensuring students can deliver skills on every placement. Supporting evidence, protocols and guidelines are reviewed and updated every three months on our free dedicated Online Resource Centre (which includes extra activities and teaching tools). Designed specifically to help first year students get off to the best start possible, Foundation Clinical Nursing Skills provides a high quality and student friendly account of the skills that are required at this stage of the course. On the Online Resource Centre: For registered lecturers and mentors: - Tips for teaching and assessing clinical skills - Figures from the book, ready to download and use in teaching material For students: - Evidence, guidelines and protocols, reviewed and updated every three months - Video demonstration of key skills - Over forty interactive scenarios and fifty interactive self-test questions - Active web links provide a gateway to the articles cited in the book - Flashcard glossary to help learn key terms - Links to useful websites

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Foundation clinical nursing skills